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Jacek Remodeling Services in Chicago, Illinois

  We do Kitchen Cabinets installation, Bathroom Remodeling, Ceramic/Granite Countertops, Floor or wall Ceramic tiles and more....          

Jacek Remodeling - Quality work at competitive prices.

Over 13 years we have been providing professional custom, and quality services in home remodeling, kitchen cabinets installation, carpentry, countertop installation, complete bathrooms remodeling, floor & wall tiles installation, interior painting, window and door replacement.

Jacek remodeling specialize in home improvement projects & upgrading your home to its long lifespan. Our well trained professional staff stand behind our work and products when completed and guarantee your satisfaction.

Replace or repairs, we can be trusted to do the job right and on time using only the latest technology and quality materials,
Call Jacek Remodeling for a FREE estimates. 

     Some of the services
  • Kitchen Cabinet installation
  • Floor & wall tiles
  • Bathrooms Remodeling
  • Ceramic or Granite Counter tops
  • Decorative lights
  • Custom Decorative Trims & Baseboards
  • Ceiling Decorative Crown Moldings
  • Finishing Carpentry
  • New Windows and Doors
  • After float remodeling
  • Exterior/Interior Painting

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Kitchen Cabinet installation, Complete Bathroom Remodeling, Custom Decorative Trims & Baseboards, Custom Decorative, Trims & Baseboards,
Ceiling Decorative Crown Moldings Basement Framing and Remodeling
Jacek Complete Home Remodeling
Serving Chicago area and all suburbs of Illinois.
Promise, Time, Price and the Quality of Service is the main secret of our success.
jacekkpod [at ]gmail [dot] com
Tel: 224-805-0368

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